Hearts Art Carved Lamp

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Product Overview

Our Wine Art Carved Lamp is a very creative and unusual product that comes to life when the light turns on. When unlit, you will see only the outline, but as the lamp lights up, it shines through light, which will take you through a unique experience into its own world. It's sure to take any visitor by surprise and create a great impression. Use it as a night lamp or home decor, your choice. Light up your lives with Lampeez!


  • Design comes to life with energy efficient LED lights.
  • 7 colors including Cyan, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow and Purple and additional flashing modes.
  • Remote included to easily change colors and turn lamp on or off.
  • Made with machine and assembled with hand.

Lighting sets the mood

Just like the lighting on a Broadway stage, lighting in your home creates the desired mood. The art carved lamps can be inviting, dramatic, and even whimsical. It can bring focus to a certain part of the room, or break a large room into smaller, more manageable spaces that are perfect for intimate conversation.

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