Lampeez was founded last year in August 2016, here in Dallas, TX. We started out with selling 3D Lamps, which is one kind of an illusion lamp. The response we got last year was overwhelming. We got a lot of love from customers and had to increase our resources very quickly in order to meet the rising demand. All of our employees worked day and night to make sure Santa delivered the Christmas gifts people purchased for their loved ones, to be on time.

Since then, we have come a long way. Not only are we still the original and premier brand selling the 3D Illusion Lamps. But we have since expanded into an additional "Illusion Lamp" line called the Shadow Illusion Lamps. People showed the same love they showed to 3D Illusion Lamps for which we are very grateful.

Our aim is to keep bringing new lamps that people love and provide quick delivery with top notch customer service. We want to ensure we bring in products that you can use, to light up your lives with Lampeez! After all, that's what we do best!